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Here is a little bit about myself: I have been in art education for 15 years and have been an avid art enthusiast since elementary school. I try to inspire all to be creative using a range of art making processes as an instructor and through example.

To learn more about myself, my art, and past educational plans produced by me; you may visit my website: www.akamango,com.

You will find pages to each course I will be teaching this school year in the menu above. Updates to lessons, assignment due dates, and tutorials will be posted on a regular basis here, as well as, google calendars. Within the category list to the right, you will also find and can subscribe to each of the calendars for the courses I teach.

You can contact me through my school email address: mlaurence@sas.edu.sg

You can also follow my social bookmarking account related to art, art education, education, and technology driven content at www.diigo.com.

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Matthew Laurence