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Forced Perspective Project

Unlike the human eye, the camera lens is unable to differentiate between the depths of different levels. As photographers, we can take advantage of this by creating optical illusions to trick the human mind by playing with depth perception. By careful placement of the objects in front of the camera and controlling what the lens is focused on; we can blur how the viewer identifies what is in the foreground, middleground, and background.

There are four main categories of forced perspective:

  1. Making the main subject larger
  2. Making the main subject smaller
  3. Merging subjects
  4. Bending gravity

Below are examples of each of these four main categories.

1. Main subject larger










2. Main subject smaller


3. Merging subjects

merging images








4. Bending gravity

















Enclosed is a link for further examples of forced gravity in photography, Flicker examples that you can contribute to as well, another powerpoint on examples are also here to help from slideshare.

Your goal is to create one example of each of the four main categories of forced photography.

Save a saved for web set of images and upload them onto your SAS blog for your final portfolio.

Below are examples of student work from this project: