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Music inspired screenprints

This project you will be exploring screen printing by creating a design using a stencil. Your inspiration for these designs will be from music.

Decide on a specific musical genre or band as a source to your inspiration. Gather information in both content and visuals to help you develop your idea.

The following link, rock picture show, provides some interesting insights to the history to album cover art with an interview with Gary Freiberg, an expert on music album cover art, about this art form.

In addition, enclosed are some links to examples of a range of interesting album cover art:

smashing magazine inspiredology, 100 obscure album cover art, eightyone design, coverarts, 50 albums that changed music 

The website society6, also hosts a dynamic range of music inspired art covers that artists are selling that may help inspire you.

The principle of design focus for this project is rhythm, so please familiarize yourself with this concept.

You will complete a total of 1 print of each type of rhythm (regular, flowing, progressive, alternating) for a total of 4 images for this project. The use of these types of rhythm can be displayed within the screen print design or through the addition of mixed media added to the work.



Expressive Portrait

Students researched the work of Kathe Kollwitz and expressionism. They responded to the work by creating a series of three self portrait prints.

Linoleum Figure Prints

This project uses a multiple color print using the figure as the subject to the work.

Linoleum Multiple Print

This project is based from a week long trip to Chang Mai, Thailand. Other examples use animals from the Northwest coastal indian art.